Welcome everyone!

September 12th, 2006

Hello sculpting class folks…this is our website so far…I will keep working on things so we have a nice platform for class/work time scheduling, showing our work, and communicating with eachother. Let me know of any feature requests or suggestions you may have for the website, and please don’t be shy. I will email everyone a username and password so that you may log-on and play with the site. Call me if you need some help at first. I have broken the site up into a blog section as well as individual pages for each of us.

The blog section has three categories that we may all freely publish to with photos too if you like. The three log categories are: 1. Stone Carver’s Blog - Any and all blog entries relating to events in stone carving, the general art world, and even social events!, 2. Projects and Progress - A blog section dedicated to announcing your new project undertakings, and keeping everyone up on your artistic progress, and 3. Event Announcements - Any and all blog entries relating to events in stone carving, the general art world, and even social events! Let me know if you have any ideas on these sections. As for the individual pages, we each have one to do with as we’d like.

Chris, I took some content from your current website and threw it up on your page…but feel free to change it around. For both the blog posts and the pages, we are able to upload and place images. I will also be working on adding a photo album area of the website so that we can have an image intensive place to show our work. The platform we are using here is called wordpress, and you can find a lot of info about how things work at their website. I envision this website to grow into a place full of everyone’s experiences and work. Sharing our experiences with people may help to bring some attention to the craft.

The website may also help to increase the population at Chris’s next class and also bring some awareness to the art of stone carving and the important role it plays in our lives and in the creation and completion of a structure such as the enormous unfinished cathedral situated on Amsterdam and 113th Street. Peace, and don’t be afraid to play with the website.